Basil Kiwi Lemonade
I have been really pumped lately about making new and refreshing lemonades for the family. They are so much fun! I water down a little for Isaak's sippee straw cup and he love it. You can even add tequila or a yummy flavored Vodka to give it a kick for the *grown-ups*.

Basil Kiwi Lemonade Quick-Recipe:
Puree 1 bunch fresh basil and two ripe kiwis (without the skins*duh*) with 1/2 cup filtered water. 
Strain puree and keep some pulp for the lemonade. 
Add juice of six lemons
1 cup honey dissolved in warm filtered water or more to your liking. 
Add more or any element to your liking.

Keep creating and having fun in the kitchen.

Tell me what your favorite specialty lemonade is.

I think I want to try a beet blackberry lemonade next... I'll keep you posted.


SuperHero Comic Cupcakes!

I made these cute little minis for a co-worker's birthday. He is all about the superheroes and goes to comic-con like...Every year. :)

I am pretty sure, when you eat these you will turn into a superhero.

It did take quite a super-hero mommy-balancing act between baby and cupcake but, I got through it! Dat-da-da!

Tuesday night I baked the vanilla bean cupcakes.
Wednesday night I baked the chocolate soufle cupcakes.
Thursday night I made the vanilla and chocolate buttercream, made the little comic flags, and decorated them for FRIDAY birthday time.

I am STILL learning that time management is so key to a stress free life. I tend to forget and try to do everything in one 4-hour time slot. LOL
You get so much more out of life when you plan. :)

Hope all of you have a GREAT Super BOWL weekend. :)