I am Back from Hawaii!
Me and Bridget (The "da kine" of Lana'i)

Okay, so, I haven't made an entry in so long and now....finally my life is back to normal. Well, somewhat nomal. At the end of September I went off to Vegas for my friend, Amy's birthday which was a lot of fun. Just 6 girls, all married except one, in Vegas having a birthday blast!

And then I was off to Maui for 10 days to visit family and have a vacation with my Seanie boy. Maui was so awesome. We saw tons of rainbows, went snorkeling and Sean learned how to surf.

We had a lot of great food too. The place to go is Mama's Fish House-It is the niiice authentic place to go for The hawaiian experience. We actually didn't make it there this time but we have been other times when on Maui and I wanted to mention it.
My family took us to this place called Aloha Mixed Plate in Lahaina - The best Coconut shrimp prawns I have ever had!

And then when we went on our amazing day trip on a sail boat over to Lana'i, at the end of the day Captain Owen cooked us dinner. Thanks Capt. Owen!!!
Captain Owen is married to this lovely lady, my mom. :)A wonderful ginger-honey glazed chicken-It was soooo good! And then we had fresh Maui pineapple for desert.

So, if you are on Maui-You must take the Trilogy boat company over to Lana'i for the day. It's well worth it!!!

We also did some fine dinning at the Kanaapali resort where we stayed for a couple nights.

We had a hawaiin, white deep-sea fish with a black soy-ginger sauce that was out of this world.

So now that were are back here's something I made this week.
They are Lemon cupcakes with a lemon vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with lemon and orange zest And poppy seeds. YUM!
Kay see you soon!

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Stef said...

Welcome back! Glad you've been having fun.