Supper Time! Again and. . .
ANOTHER Margarita(this time brought to you by my Seanie)

Suddenly I hear "HURRY! TAKE A PICTURE, TAKE A PICTURE, IVY HURRY!!!" This was my proud husband calling loudly to me from the kitchen, and rightfully so, he had made something worthy of my blog and NEEDED me to take a picture before some super-melting occurred.

Yep, my Seanie made this one and it turned out super slurpy-yum. They were really light in flavor and very refreshing. I have to say, I am sooo super proud of him, he made a niiiice looking margarita.

Oh...:) while we are on the subject of how super-wonderful my husband is...I will brag that July 4th will be our 6 year dating anniversary. We met January 2002 (went on two dates- haha) became friends, then officially begin dating July 4, 2002 and were married February 14, 2003. It's not that I love being married, It's that I love being married to him. And the reason I keep using super is because I want you all to know that he is a super swell guy! :)

So, here's what he did to make the Cranberry Margaritas:
In an ice cream maker, he poured 3-4 cups chilled cranberry apple juice
1 tablespoon lime juice
3-4 shots chilled Jose Cuervo Orange Tequila -

-It takes about 20 minutes in the ice cream maker....
Once frozen pour into margarita glasses that have been rimmed with coarse raw sugar only-no salt this time.

And Here's supper...

Baked Tilapia sprinkled with lemon juice, saffron, poppy seeds, and italian seasoning.

Steamed YELLOW carrots with Bing cherries in a light buttery honey sauce.

Garlic Steamed Clams drizzled with Lemon butter.

And garnished with a Rainier Cherry.



Anonymous said...

wowie! pretty foods!! How do you create all this and your blog- I wonder who the go-getter really is-YOU GO GIRL!
love you m.m.

Anonymous said...

better say something while i can so...
hey big sis!! love your food ideas, really original and fun. i guess creativity runs in the family. yeah? tell sean that it was so nice to make a margerita for you, well i better hope it was for you, you deserve a cranberry magerita darling.
love you... lil sis.

Molly Pants said...

How are you still so SUPER cute after all these years?!?

ps- I think you guys should move back to PA so we can start going to dive bars together!

Ivy said...

YAY! P.A. dive bars!
Did you know that Erie has the most bars per square mile. Haha

Jenn said...

I am so happy you have a husband worthy of you! He sounds amazing! What a sweetheart to make you yummy cocktails!!!

irina said...

I see Sean is trying to compete with you in the kitchen dept., doesn't he know that u are incomparable!!!

Ivy said...

Well, in the margarita department, he the one who is incomparable.