Part Five:
(the last of my vacation posts)
Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have never visited anything quite like Virginia Beach. It was a wonderful experience. The sand was a yellowish color and the water was sooo warm. California's sand is more white with grey and the water is almost always pretty cold. I guess I enjoyed it so much because I had never seen anything like it before. I couldn't say, "oh this reminds me of the other place I have been."
It was totally unique to me. The boardwalk with all the shops was pretty neat but, I didn't have much time to look around so I just grabbed a couple boxes of salt water taffy, a must, and we headed back to get dinner with the whole big family. I think I heard myself tell the host at the restaurant that we needed a table for seventeen-and that's with seven people from the family that weren't there. Maybe to some that's not a lot but I came from a smaller family so it takes getting used to. :) I love Sean's family though-they are great.

("No Profanities at the beach")-I thought this is strange and funny. Hehe

Now the scary part was that there were some scary parts where we were. For a couple of days, we couldn't find normal places to hang out that we felt comfortable and safe in other than our hotel room(boring!). Aside from that and the underwater tunnel that we had to drive thru (TWICE!!!)-It was a great visit and my brother-in-law's wedding was amazingly beautiful.

On our way home, we stopped in

Which was beautiful. We will have to explore more of it next time when we have more time.

We found Williamsburg's Famous Cheese Shop,known for their famous sandwiches, and grabbed
a bite to eat..

(A great homemade-bread roast beef sandwich with lots of mayo and spiced mustard. Pretty good.)

(Celery Soda-Very odd taste that you could get used to and like. I am thinking a cupcake made with this soda would be interesting. I would have to special order it though because I haven't seen it around here.)
Anyway, back to more serious food blogging for the future. I have been sick so it's been good that I have all this vacation to share with you.

The End!


Molly Pants said...

Ew! Celray!!! We have that in Philly too. One time a friend was visiting and she bought a bottle of celray to try it out- and we spend the next day daring eachother to take another sip of it. It's so much gross... but the idea of carbonated celery is just so... odd. I wasn't a fan, but I'll admit- it tastes pretty much exactly like celery.

Stef said...

That no cusing sign cracks me up! A friend of mine actually just got turned down for a job for saying "hell" at the interview. Perhaps the sign would have helped him.

Miss Mallika said...

hey Ivy! looks like you're having a fun summer!
sorry, but i tagged you in a little game. Check out my blog to find out the rules :)

Lisa said...

Oh Ivy, I'm with you. That underground tunnel is a scary thing, like bridges, only longer!
I love the sign! I always find myself taking photos of signs on vacation. I found some great ones in Japan.
I also like your view of Virginia Beach. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Edith said...

Virginia beach…… perfect for vacation trip.