Part Four:
Gettysburg &
A Wonderful Bed & Breakfast Surprise

We had to drive to Virginia Beach, VA from Pittsburgh to go to Sean's brother's wedding. The Entire trip is like 11 hours driving, so we decided to break up the trip and stay the night at a half-way point. Gettysburg. :) Sean made the accommodations and I figured we would be staying in something cheap since its was just a half way point. I was just happy to check out Gettysburg right. :)

So, after driving about five hours, we are driving down this "kinda' main road" and I see this interesting house. I got really excited and started taking pictures of this house- I took as many shots as I could as were passing it, BUT THEN, Sean pulled into the driveway of this house....???

I said, " Babe, you can't just drive in the driveway, someone lives here....." He replied, "this is where we are staying for the night. Surprise, We have it all to ourselves." I was so surprised and It was so beautiful, I couldn't believe my eyes. We got inside and there was a vase with flowers on the kitchen counter. The card said, "just because-Love Sean." I pretty lost it at that point and started balling my little eyes out. It was the sweetest and most romantic thing ever.

Summit Springs Inn
We didn't just have a room in a B&B, it was the whole cottage with everything you could ever need. kitchen, washer and dryer, wine cellar, a fire pit, a grill. Not to mention the beauty and attention to detail in the whole property.

The owners, Alice and Dick, have made this place a home away from home and were the spitting image of hospitality. I mean I am telling you, we have stayed in a couple B&B s that were pretty nice but, this one tops them all. Cream of the crop for sure. We would have have stayed longer if we had more time and hopefully we can stay there again.

The inn was different than any other B&B, it was private and peaceful, you didn't have to get up at eight in the morning and drag your scragley head down to breakfast with a whole bunch of other strangers and socialize. You could just relax and do your own thing and make your own nice meals and enjoy your stay.

So, if you are ever in the Gettysburg area, YOU MUST STAY HERE. It's actually in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania and it's called Summit Springs Inn. Check out their website HERE.

Sometimes people comment and say how lucky my hubby is to benefit from all the goodies I cook and bake. Yet I am equally, if not more lucky to have him, he does little sweet things like this for me all the time and I feel spoiled. :)

After soaking it all in and taking a million pictures of the inn, we drove about 20 minutes to Gettysburg.
Hello! Where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. It was so chilling to walk around this historical Civil War town.
Here are some pictures:

On our way back, just before sunset, we picked up some food to cook for dinner.
It was nice to cook a homemade meal because the whole trip we had been eating out and eating fast food on the road so it felt good to eat some normal, healthy food.

The next morning we took a few more pictures and headed off to Virginia Beach.

Coming up next...or soon is the last part of my vacation, part 5-Virginia Beach. :)


Vera said...

Ivy, I guess, you are both very lucky :) This one is certainly very touching surprise!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

The place looks great! it sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

aw, just AW! The 'just because" so sweet!!
That 'unknown' pic makes me sad!
Looks like you guys had a great vacation!

Megan said...

What a beautiful place and great surprise. Looks like a very fun get away. And very sweet of your husband.