Part Three:
(You must visit Erie, Waldameer, and the Erie Peninsula if you ever happen to be in the area and it's summer. Haha! I hate Erie in the winter. Bleh)

Waldameer is a theme park in Erie that opened a long time ago. Late 1800's I think. Sean grew up going here in the summer. They used to have a wooden roller coaster that would go over this road that led to Erie's Peninsula and lake beaches. They tore it down a while back but now a safer version of it has been built again and just opened this Spring of 2008.

This coaster was supposedly rated #1 wooden coaster in the country and we agree. It was really smooth, very fast and had enough thrill but not too muchthat your heart drops a million stories and when you go th scream nothing comes out. I have to admit, I am a baby when it comes to roller coasters. Sean had to drag me on this ride. But, I am super glad I went on it now. :)

We also had to go on the Wacky Shack which should be declared a historical sight. It's so old and cheesy inside, it is back in style now. Hahaha!

Here's one of the rides Sean used to go on when he was wittle. Awe. :)
So that's all for Part Three. Sorry there was no food action. Actually I did buy one of those lemonade shaker drinks which are totally awesome! You know, the ones where the put the halved lemons in the cup with sugar and water and shake it up. Oh they are so refreshing.
Funnel Cake? No, I don't really like those things. Why does everyone go crazy over them. They have to much sugar and make my stomach feel terrible like I ate a dozen doughnuts in 30 seconds. I would much rather have a chocolate dipped banana or something. Hahahahaha!



Stef said...

I love funnel cake, but only after I dump about 3/4 of the sugar off of it.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a blast. I love that shaken lemonade drink, too. Don't you just love summertime!

Vera said...

Lovely photos. Now I feel like I need a vacation :)

Bunny said...

We have a local theme park here too, your photos brought back lot of memories from it!


hey baby!
you and sean are so cute. i jsut relized you look alot like rynona ryder, like facial structure and hair. anyways your gorgeous, lvoe ya.

lil sis.

you new creattions look delisiosos....oh gotta go the bell ranfg.....