Dill Pickle & Ice Cream Cupcakes

So our good friends , Bryan and Amy, are due to have their first baby *girl* July 1, 2009. Which is only EIGHT WEEKS AWAY PEOPLE! I have been honored with taking care of desserts for their baby shower this weekend.

Amy has already decided she would like me to make her favorite *mini chocolate souffle cupcakes* so that's that, but, we must have more! :)

In the running is a Dill Pickle & Ice cream cupcake made by Stef at Cupcake Project. These looked appropriate and fun for a baby shower*weird pregnant cravings* so we wanted to give them a try. I really made no changes to the recipe, you can get it from Stef HERE.
The recipe includes, onion powder, and pickle juice among other things.

First of all the recipe was so simple and easy and I liked that it was a small batch of only eight cupcakes. Sometimes it's nice to bake in small portions. They also baked up like a dream-very even with just enough rising over the cupcake paper, moist etc... :) So well done on the recipe Stef.

When the cupcakes came out of the oven, they smelled really good-like a cheesy dill biscuit.
And their actual taste reminded me of a cornbread muffin almost. Not disgusting as you may think.

Amy thought that the cupcake was not bad and mild in taste. But that the ice cream and cupcake did not go together. The vanilla ice cream masked the taste of the cupcake a little though when you ate them together. And eating the actual pickle on top and ice cream wasssss..... not so good.

We tried the cupcake with a chocolate cookie crunch ice cream too and the taste combo of chocolate and pickle was much better. You should try it.

So even though the taste test got a "passing", we figured that most people at a baby shower would probably not go for picking up a cupcake with a pickle on it. And the cupcakes would be hard to serve at the shower with the ice-cream-melt factor.

I'll keep you posted on what I do make for the shower. :)


Bunny said...

That's outrageous Ivy!! When I was pregnant I craved bbq sauce!!

Lisa said...

This is a scream! I just love your wonderful imagination. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Stef said...

I'm sooo excited that you actually made these! How cool! Glad that you liked the recipe and fun that you found a flavor that actually worked will with it. I totally understand about ice cream cupcakes being a pain to serve at a party and the eww factor of pickles on them - but, glad that you gave it a shot!