Get Away from L.A.
I am sure it's no secret for locals of Los Angeles that Santa Barabara is a nice day or weekend getaway from the crazy city. Yes, Santa Barbara is lovely and there's is much to do or not do there. Visit the quaint little zoo, stroll the sidewalk art fair, or savor a bowl of  seafood chowder sitting at a table in the sand watching the sun melt over the Sea's horizon.

But wait! Before you do the Santa Barbara thing, I want to tell you that a little town just south of SB is just as worthy of your time. Carpinteria! Yep, I spent most of my elementary school days in this area and it has become quite charming and worth the stop and/or stay.

A must is getting off at the first Carpinteria exit, turning left over the bridge and walking what I know as "the bluffs". It's a beautiful walk along some cliffs lined with eucalyptus trees that drop down to the ocean and where the seals and pelicans share a little glimpse of their busy life with you. Be sure to cross the train tracks safely. :)

Foos wise, if you want a steak house, try The Palms. And I want to try the Chamomile Cafe, it's so, so cute! but is always closed when I am there. :(
I would say the thing you can do without.... is a little busy-bee cafe which is neat and fun to "bee" in. Even the waitress embodies the personality of a bee but, the breakfast food and service needs to step it up a noch. and Tony's, which I hate to say, was not very good. I grew up eating and getting spumoni after dinner there as a kid but, the waiter was disappointing and the food wasn't anything too special.

So anyway, me and hubby drove up this past weekend for the day as we have done before. This time we browsed a couple antique shops on Linden Avenue *FUN!* I wanted everything. We picked up some taffy from Robitaille's, enjoyed a banana chocolate milkshake at THE SPOT, and walked the beach.

And back we came to L.A. refreshed... for now.


Jenn said...

OMG.... I wish I would have known you were coming up here. I live in Santa Barbara. I work at Carpinteria Middle School.......crazy! I didn't know you went to elementary school here. Did you go to Canalino or ALiso?

Ivy said...

Jenn? Jenn M.? I went to Main School Elementary on Palm and 6th. I also went to the middle school for 6th grade.

Anonymous said...

Just so you all know the best for Italian in Carpinteria is just 1 door down from Sixth Ave, on Linden, next to Sly's. This little hole in the wall has home style real food, outdoor seating, fine wines and YES--Spumoni! Sweet Mama is there to greet you every nite!
Always a super treat--closed some days so check. Mama Mia it's to die for! 5 stars for atmospeare, service and food quality. Romantic!