Basil Kiwi Lemonade
I have been really pumped lately about making some fun and refreshing lemonades. Making it at home cuts the sugar intake waaay down, who needs all that refined processed crap in your lemonade? You can be creative and make different flavor-combos. Isaak loved this one. For the **grown ups**, it would be SUPER fun to add tequila or a yummy flavored vodka to give it a kick-just sayin'.

Basil Kiwi Lemonade 

Juice SIX lemons, set juice aside.
Warm 1 cup water and dissolve 1 cup honey.
Puree 1 bunch of fresh basil, two ripe kiwis(without the skins *duh*) with 1/2 cup filtered water.
Strain puree and keep some pulp to add back in later if you so desire.
Add all ingredients to half a pitcher of ice water and stir.
Adjust ingredients to your liking.


I think I am going to try a beet blackberry lemonade next. Yum, right!

Keep creating and having fun in the kitchen.

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