This restaurant is my new favorite place to eat. My husband and I have decided that we must take everyone who comes to visit us, here to eat because it's really just that good. No seriously!
If you live in the L.A. area and haven't been, you must go. If you are ever visiting L.A. you must make it a part of your visit. The food is sooo good-it's the kind of good where you want to keep eating but can't because you are too full but you just keep eating anyway until you REALLY must stop-you know what I am talking about?

The History( you'll see it on the paper placemat): The knott family moved to Buena park in 1920 and strggled to make ends meet with their berry farm. Mr. Walter Knott cross-breeds the blackberry and raspberry together to make the boysenberry-yum. In 1937 Mrs. Knott opens a chicken restaurant from her small little tea room where she would serve chicken dinners for extra money. The restaurant is a huge hit and in order to entertain the masses that come for the food, they begin to build what we know now as Knott's Berry Farm. The Knotts family started the 1st theme park and Walt Disney actually came to visit and was upset adults couldn't go on the train ride hence the starting of his own theme park.....DisneyLand-Walter Knott and Walt Disney were competiters. CRAZY isn't it. Anyway, I think I've said enough.

Where is this place?: Right outside the entrance to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA

When is it open?: I think Lunch is from 11-4 and they are probably open until 10pm or so.

What's the food like?: Everything is great! Dinner is the way to go because with whatever dinner plate you order you get a side salad, choice of soup or this sweet rhubard side dish, one side of your choice like corn or whatever, AND a slice of pie (which you may be wanting to get in a to-go box because you will be soo stuffed from dinner) It's ok-take the pie to-go, they're used to it. Oh and not to mention the warm biscuits they serve with jam-boysenberry jam.

My Favorite: The Chicken and Dumplings dinner with a salad, rhubard, corn and a slice of boysenberry pie. Yum!

Will it cost me?: Lunch is around $8.00-$10.00 and dinner is $14.00

Should I dress-up?: Whatever, it really doesn't matter. Obviosly it's home style cooking-home on the farm type-place. The waitresses dress in old-fashioned house-wife dresses and the restaurant has a really comfortable atmosphere.

The wait to get in: Whenever we go, there has been a wait of at least 30 minutes. And you wait in line-you don't just go up and put your name in and then wait for your name to be called. So, make sure you get there expecting to wait a little bit. There is also a chicken to-go that is separate and about two steps away from the sit-down restaurant. I don't think they have the same yummy dinners though.

Where should I park?: No need to park and pay $10 for the theme park parking if you're just going to eat at the restauarant. There is separate parking for the restaurants outside the park.

So I guess that's it. I hope you enjoy!
The End

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irina said...

Sounds yummy, I wanna go :)