This weekend we pretty much worked on fixing up our house three days straight. I finished putting away all my kitchen stuff and Sean did a whole bunch of stuff, including putting up window blinds.

On Friday after work, I did have some fun though. I went to see Crazy Stupid Love.
I went with my friends from work, the movie was super funny and afterwards we had a blast for happy hour. Don't worry, I had a virgin-margarita. :)

I also managed to paint my toe nails all pritty on Sunday, here they are...hearts and polka-dots.

That blurry thing at the bottom of the picture is my baby-tummy at 29 weeks. :)
If you want to paint your nails cute like mine, 
-Paint your nails the background color you want after breakfast, I did grey. Let them dry.
-Then paint your design on them after lunch, I did little hearts on my big toe and polka dots on my other toes with teal and green.
To get my grey I mixed white and black polish together.
To get my heart color I mixed white and a dark teal I had.
If you want a glossy finish for your toes or nails after, brush on a clear coat after you're design has dried.
I like to have opaque white on hand to mix new and exciting colors with my darker color polishes. To mix colors I use a paper plate and bottle caps. For the hearts, I used a tooth pick for tiny design.

I have  problems with painting my finger nails because I pick it off right away. But this time, I wasn't done being creative so I just painted my thumbs with little hearts.

Here's some pictures of Buddy and Frodo taking advantage of their long holiday weekend.
Have a great week! Only four days until another weekend. ;)


Erin Buseck said...

i love the nails and the fact that you can't see quite past your tummy!! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

u have THE cutest toes! The pups look very staid! They like the new digs huh?
xo Miss P.