My Goodness! Orders?

I can't believe that this would ever happen.

I have four cake orders now where people are actually paying me. This is so amazing!

Thanks for the support guys- And you know who you are :)


An 8" 3 layer chocolate soufle cake with whippped cream frosting and chocolate shavings. It's a chocolate-lover's cake. Oops-that cherry is slipping off the cake.


24 regular chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate butter cream frosting. They turned out REALLY moist and the frosting was really good. Yeah simple, but Super good.


Ordered for a cheese and wine party/house-warming party- 32 White chocolate coconut cream mini cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache soufle frosting garnished with caramel sauce and toasted coconut. I loved making these! And they were loved by many. :)


For a 25th birthday party in December with 30-50 guests. We are still developing ideas on the perfect cupcake to make.

Gosh I love Baking. I just get so excited to bake new recipes and new ideas that I get.

Goodnight and sweet dreams. :0)

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