Marzipan and Chocolate

Alles gute zum Geberstag! Means Happy Birthday in German.

I made this cake for my wonderful neighbor Kris.

It was her dads birthday and she wanted to bring him his favorite-Marzipan.

I made a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and a marzipan buttercream and then covered the cake with rolled marzipan.

I've decorated cakes with fondant and I love it but, it's not so easy and can get frusterating at times.

The End


Amy said...

This is amazing looking! You really are a food artist! How did it taste? Any feedback yet?

LittleIvyCakes said...

No I haven't heard whether it was edible or not. Hahahah!

LittleIvyCakes said...

Ok...my neighbor, Kris, who ordered the cake verified it's edibility. :)
She said it was very good but very rich and chocolately.

Karen said...

Yummy I love marzipan. And that cake looks fantastic. I would love to be able to decorate as well as you.