Lavender Lavish and Daisies

Lavendar cupcakes with a marshmalow honey almond frosting.

I made these for a co-worker's baby shower. The cupcakes spell out "Another Girl!" in Spanish.

The lavender cupcakes were yummy. They have a very distinct and somewhat strong flavor of lavender though which is good if you love lavender but if you don't it may be dificult for you to eat one of these. The recipe was very simple cake flour, baking powder, eggs, milk butter and dried lavender flowers. They didn't stick to the cupcake papers very well and didn't rise nice and round like I had hoped. :(

Still, I would make them again, all-in-all they turned out fine. I hope the baby shower enjoys them. If not they'll have to resort to the other Daisy cupcakes I made for the shower.
I just made vanilla-pudding and chocolate-pudding cupcakes topped with a buttercream frosting swirl and royoal icing daisies. I made these once before for my niece's birthday-They always turn out really cute.

Well I guess that's all for now. :)



Jennifer said...

which tip are using for the yellow cupcakes? they're lovely!

LittleIvyCakes said...

I have to see waht the tip # is but it's a medium size star tip. Having a good stiff frosting helps too.