The last thing I posted on this blog was in October 2007. It's now the end of April 2008, that's six months. Wow! It's not that I have stopped cooking and baking, it's just that I haven't had enough time to carefully take pictures and post my projects. ;0
I like sharing my projects though-it's fun. :)

Anyway, I will try to make more time. I am trying to remember all the projects that I have done since October..... I probably shouldn't tell you since I have pictures to show you. I hate recipes without pictures, I need the picture for inspiration and a reference-point, you know.

Let's see, I had my mom over for her birthday April 1st. She lives in Hawaii and was over here in California visiting.
I made a shrimp angel hair pasta with a fresh salad. For dessert I made fried cheesecake with a chunky apple glaze-sauce. The cheesecake was really good and my mom said it was different-not your everyday dessert that can get boring. You have to serve it fresh though because the crust on the outside gets soggy. I went through a phase of creme brulee and most recent is crispy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that have been a big hit. Next time I make them I will take a picture and post the recipe. I do, however, have a picture of the new Vespa we got in February. :) Scoot, scoot.


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