Out of excitement, "I think I just pee'd a little." -Erin Buseck

So this is the first cool blog challenge that has caught my attention. I am pretty super excited about it and have tons of ideas streaming through my head. I wish I could do all of them but there just isn't enough time in this lifetime.
No, I am not telling you my ideas, they are a secret. Shhhh :)
Anyway, thanks Scoopalicious and CupcakeProject!!!


Stef said...

Aww thanks! I really can't wait to see what you make! I don't like to play favorites, but you are one of my fav readers. You commented on my blog back when no one else did and it always made me feel so good. I missed you when you stopped blogging for so long!

LittleIvyCakes said...

You're awesome and thank you for that.

Erin Buseck said...

your oatmeal cookies are a good time. so was your shrimp dish that you made when we were out there! matter of fact i've come to find you're quite the little chef over there mrs. buseck!