I made some limeade on Friday and decided to add some vanilla to the mix. I like adding little extras to limeade-it’s something different, refreshing and more exciting than just plain old limeade. Whatever I have in the fridge that sounds good-I add to the mix… like peach slices, orange slices, raspberries, strawberries. I do the same when I make iced tea too. I love making passion fruit iced tea, adding honey, vanilla, and ginger slices. The point is, be creative and inspired with whatever you have around. Sure in recipes there are key ingredients you have to have but, for the most part you can improvise and that's how you make things your own.

Anyway, my wonderful sister-in-law, Jennie, is in town and so we kicked off the relaxing weekend with margaritas, of course. :) Because we are on a margarita kick right. :)
So this time to shake it up a bit, we used the vanilla limeade and added a little more vanilla. We all fell in love, the vanilla really gave a nice mellow flavor and countered the citrus nicely. I don’t think I will ever drink a margarita with out vanilla-that’s how much I liked them. We also mixed raw sugar and sea salt together for the rims, which was a really nice finishing touch, for taste and esthetics's.

Oh and by the way, if you have a Cost Plus-World Market near you, they are selling nice margarita glasses for super cheap. I think they range from $.99 cents to $6.00. Plus tons of margarita syrup flavors and accessories for summer. I love that store. They also have all kinds of spices for lower prices than usual.

Vanilla Margarita Recipe
(makes 4 margarita’s)
6 shots of Tequila (Jose CuervoClassico)
10 shots margarita mix
4 ½ Vanilla beans
3 tablespoons vanilla extract
2 cups ice
1 lime
2 parts coarse raw sugar mixed with 1 part coarsely ground sea salt for the rim.

Chill margarita glasses in freezer for 15 minutes
Cut 4 slices of lime to place on your glass rims. Or cut lime peel into ¼ inch slices and shape into a curl.
Blend ice, margarita mix, the inside of half a vanilla bean, vanilla extract, and lime juice from half a lime.
Sugar and salt the rims of your margarita glasses, divide margarita among 4 glasses, place a lime slice on the rim and place a whole vanilla bean in the glass. I don’t know get creative. J



gilliebean said...

lovely photos! did you take them all yourself?

Stef said...

Awesome photos! I love the idea of vanilla in a margarita. I've never tried that!

Jenn said...

This drink sounds amazing.

Suzy Q-zy said...

where I'm not a huge margarita fan (I know..blaspheme!)
-I'm a gigantic limeade fan. Honestly I'm more tempted by this marg being lime AND vanilla than I usually would be!
My Mom used to make a drink called a Bullfrog-can of frozen limeade, cup of sugar, then the empty can of limeade filled up with good vodka, into a mason jar (we're from the south originally) and into the freezer. It's the best with limeade (ad some grenadine and it tastes like fruit loops), and works with frozen lemonade (for a hard lemonade) as well. Mmmm!

Pinky said...

Oooohhhh this sounds good. I love vanilla, it's such an underrated flavor. I'll have to remember this for some girls night. It seems a perfect pick for that.
Have you ever added ginger to your limeade? It's become one of my favorite drinks, we even served it at out wedding my husband and I were so smitten with the combo!