My Dream Garden Exists

Across the street from where Sean grew up in Pennsylvania and where his parents still live today, is where the Fatter Family lives. The Fatter Family and Sean's family are great old friends and neighbors. While in Erie, we were able to visit Mrs. Fatter and see her garden which is always beautiful and whimsical every time we visit but, this time she had added a spectacular vegetable garden. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took and will understand why this is my dream garden. Mrs. Fatter, you are quite an inspiration. :)


Brussel Sprouts

Echinacea-"they attract butterflies"

Blueberry Bush



LaundryBasketCase said...

Hello Ivy,
Wow, that really is a beautiful and inspirational gaden! I CAN see why you love it so. Beutiful photos too!

Anonymous said...

those are some spectacular photos. Did you say you have a Cannon? If so then I don't have the same camera, mine is a Nikon. Mrs. Fatter is a gardening goddess. Not in the sacreligious way though. ha!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Wow! What a beautiful garden, you're so right! I love the boots!!!

Emiline said...

Blueberries! Pears! Oh my!
So jealous.

Look at that cabbage! I can totally see a future Anne Geddes shoot here.

Lisa said...

Great garden pics Ivy! My favorite is the last one with the pear and all of those lovely hints of color through the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive. I'm totally jealous.