Fall into Winter Recipe Roundup

Despite my efforts to keep summer lasting forever with beach trips and Ice Cream Cupcakes, the Fall Season is in full swing now and Winter will be here shortly. I think it's time to dust off our warm winter recipes and cozy up next to the crackling fire!

Oh, I hope this round-up works-Haha. And I hope you are as excited as I am to see what everyone has to share. It could be a homemade soup, stew, chili, baked-goodness, canned stuff, hot drinks, hot drinks with brandy....whatever you feel is in the fall and winter mood that will keep us nice and toasty with smiles on our faces throughout the chili(berrrrr) seasons. :)

Here's how to participate:
1. Post on your blog about your Fall/Winter creation/recipe in the month of October and link back to this post somewhere in yours to spread the word about the round-up. You can use the little graphic image I made too if you want.

2. Send an email to me, Ivy :), at littleivycakes@gmail.com by October 31st with:
Your name
Your blog's name
The name of your entry
A link to your entry post
A photo of your entry

-Then, sometime in November I will post all the recipes with links.

***Wait, wait, you don't have a blog? That's ok! You can still participate, in fact, you have it a lot easier than the bloggers, really!

Just e-mail me:

Your name
The name of your entry
Attach a photo of your entry
and the recipe and a couple sentences about your entry

-Then I will post it for you on my blog and put int in the round-up. See it's easy!

How EXCITING! To get you'll started, I thought I would share a couple fall/winter recipes with you....

I stumbled across this recipe on Williams Sonoma, oh, a while back and has been, really, the only homemade soup I make other than chicken noodle once in a while.

Hearty Borscht with Horseradish-Dill Sour Cream Recipe

I started making this last year and it's a chocolatey keeper!

Ivy's Homemade Hot Chocolate

Tomato Soup cupcakes from Vanilla Garlic.
I have been dying to make these cupcakes. I buy a can of tomato soup every time I go to the grocery store thinking I will make them but always end up eating the soup with grilled cheese instead. I am guessing they taste kinda like a spice cake though-nothing like tomato soup on a cloudy day.

Have wonderfully Cozy Day!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea. I love your photo with the fall leaves and the snow.

Stef said...

This month is crazy with Wedding 2.0 happening, but I will definitely try to participate! Great idea!

LaundryBasketCase said...

Ooh, ooh! What shall I do for it!? I will get Mamma Lalla to also participate! How exciting. PS: Your homemade chocolate looks devine... Ivy, when are you doing your own recipe book? I'll be first in queue to get it.

Scoopalicious said...

does this have to be a recipe I created or can it be something that has been passed along for ever but is my fav fall recipe?

Molly Pants said...

What happened to the results?!? And I tried to look up the hot chocolate recipe and it's *gone!*