If you happen to have a favourite recipe involving strawberries please share with my good blogger friend Molly at
Falling Molly.


MY Favourites are:

Southern Style Strawberry Cake with cream cheese frosting

Norwegian Blotkake (Spongecake with custard, strawberries and whipped Cream)

and as always... Chocolate Covered Strawberries which I have not posted on my blog! SHOOOT! I can't believe all the times I have made them, I have not posted about them once. FRICKER FRACKER! (I will try to do this soon with pics or maybe even a video.)

Here's what you do simply:

-Wash and dry strawberries -COMPLETELY dry them or chocolate will not stick properly. Even wash and dry before and let sit in fridge overnight before dipping into chocolate. Or do what I do, in my impatientness- wipe them off with papertowell and you're good to go. ;O

-Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or wax paper. This cookie sheet should be able to fit in your fridge or freezer. Set aside.

-Melt 1/2 a bag* of your favourite chocolate chips (mine is dark) in a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water. Once chocolate is completely melted and thin. Turn off heat.
*Depending on how many strawberries you are dipping. 1/2 a bag of chocolate will coat about 10-12 berries. eh...aproximately.

-Holding the strawberry by it's stem, dip the strawberry into the chocolate and swirl around a little then lift strawberry up and lightly shake to get some access chocolate off. Or use a spatula to get some of it off. Careful not to disturb the pretty shinyness of the chocolate glaze.

-Set strawberry on the cookie sheet.

-When done dipping all strawberries. Place cookie sheet in fridge for 10-15 minutes to harden the chocolate. Freezer 5-7 minutes. Transfer to plate and serve or a air-tight tupperwear and store in fridge. They start to get weird after 5 days.



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mmm....I have some strawberries right now! I might have to do that!
Btw..you need to crack open that Pepper Butter and just eat it on crackers w/some cheese! Yum!