I made these earlier in May for a friend's baby shower and thought I would share them with you. :)

Cupcakes: Mini Choclate Soufle & mini marrichino cherry chip and mini chocolate chunks
Frosting: Marrichino cherry buttercream & chocolate buttercream
-The decorations were made out of rolled fondant which took a while to make but they turned out out really nice so it was worth it to me.

I also made my own cupcake-stand which I recommend because they turn out really cute.

***Here are some quick instructions on how I made my cake stand. But, if you do a search online you can find many step-by step "recipes"

Supplies I used-
Thick satin Ribbon (brown)
Thin satin ribbon (pink)
Cake boards of different sizes, square cake boards or boxes of different sizes
Thick designer wrapping paper
Pretty pearl-end sewing pins
Pretty yarn
Nice paper cups
Glue stick
Elmer's white glue
Hot glue gun & about 4 glue sticks

-Use your cake rounds to trace the shape from your wrapping paper to fit the board perfectly.
Then using a glue stick, paste the cut out wrapping paper shapes onto your cake boards pressing firm and smooth for no wrinkles. Trim any edges to have the paper fit the boards perfectly.
-Use the sewing pins to hold the thin satin ribbon to the strating place, and using the Elmer's glue, work around the edge of each cake board and glue on the ribbon. You can then take out the pin or keep them in because the actually look pretty.

-With Elmer's glue, paste on some pretty ribbon to cover the seems of the paper cup,
-Position all your cake stand components how you want and mark where you will need to glue everything together. remeber you must have enough support and balance.
-Starting at the base, and using a hot glue gun, paste everything together. Line the paper cup bottom-edges with hot glue and place where you want them under your tiers. The glue each complete tier to eachother working from the base to the top tier.

Below: Bryan and Amy opening baby shower gifts-how cute!
They are expecting a baby girl July 1st! IT'S SO EXCITING, I can't wait!!!



Veronica said...

I love your cakestand -- so clever!

Lisa said...

The cupcakes are cute and the cake stand is such a great idea. Very festive!