with a graham cracker, toasted coconut, and pecan crust.

So, I was planning on making a fancy four-layer pina colada mousse cake for a Halloween party. However, a week before, and after all the ingredients for the cake were purchased and all ready to go, I realized that the cake would need to go on an hour long journey to my party destination. And there was NO WAY I was going through that NIGHTMARE! An hour long ride in the car with a mousse cake, or any delicate cake for that matter, ALWAYS seems like an ETERNITY and EVERY LITTLE BUMP seems like HUGE POT HOLE. I should know people, I worked in a bakery where we would transport wedding cakes and it was, to say the least, NERVE -RACKING. I DID NOT want to go through such stress, worry, and possible heartbreak, so...I simply decided on pumpkin tarts and coco rice krispy treats. Which are very transportable, delicious, and fitting for the occasion. Everyone who had one told me the tarts were delicious but, I wasn't that impressed myself, to be honest.

There was The Crust...

Which was actually very very good out of the oven. Popping with flavor and crunchy-delicious. But it was also a challenge *I know* a graham cracker crust as easy and simple as they are, gave me a hard time? I mean how many times have a made a cookie crust and had no problems. I had three problems, maybe you can help me to see where I went wrong. One, when baking the crusts they puffed up and butter was sizzling out of it a little, the puffing happens with pastry crust that's why you poke fork holes in the bottom and but baking weights while baking, but not with a cookie crust? What ev. Problem Two, once baked, some of the tart crusts broke when I took them out of the tart molds, too crumbly and too thin. And three, once they were baked with the pumpkin filling, the crust lost it's crunch. This was disappointing because part of the reason the crust was so good is due to the crunch.


The Pumpkin Pie Filling
Another recipe not really worth trying, LOL, no, I just used the pumpkin pie recipe on the Libby's pumpkin label but separated the eggs, whipped the egg whites until stiff and then
folded them in to the pumpkin at the last minute to get a fluffier filling.
It didn't really get as fluffy and light as I thought it would. I even think making the filling normal would have looked nicer with the glossier and prettier appearance rather than how mine turned out looking.

So that's it for now I guess.
Have a Delicious weekend!


Gigi said...

cute pumpkin tartlettes! have a great weekend too!

Veronica said...

Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere! It's all over the blogosphere (and in my veggie box, 4 weeks running). They look pretty anyway, even if you weren't satisfied with them. I can recommend the pumpkin & carrot cake I made :)

Suzanne said...

ok...toasted coconut, pecan AND pumpkin and it wasn't great! Hrmm....I think I would have LOVED it! :)
I know 0 about tarts...I've never made one..I don't even have a pan..so unfortunately I'm not help on the crust. :(

Amy said...

The tarts were very good! The crust was stand-alone by itself - it was like a cookie (I'm glad that a couple broke out of the oven because then we got to eat them!). I think the crust would have still been crunchy if we had eaten them right after they were filled. If you want to try to perfect them, I'm a willing taste-tester!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ivy !!!!! I just discovered your blog and I'm so loving it.

I have a problem that I would love ur help on........ I'm making a Key Lime Pie for a dinner i'm hosting but I have no idea how to get my pie out of the pan after it is done.

I can see two strips of greaseproof paper sticking out of yours and I was wondering did you line the whole pan or did you just put a strip that ran through for lifting the pie out.


Ivy said...

Hope you get this. You are exactly right, I used strips of parchment paper. I think another key to getting them out without breakage is making sure the crusts are completely cooled.