Here is a delicious semi-healthy snack that will put us into the February spirit. I think February is one of my favorite months because February 2nd is... GROUNDHOG DAY! Where you can cozy up on the couch and watch the BRILLIANTLY funny movie with Bill Murray.

"What if there IS no tomorrow? There wasn't one today." Ohhh, I've seen this movie too many times to count and it never ceases to make me laugh out loud.

Think it'll be an early spring?"
"Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream... of spring. Ciao."

Punxatawny Phil seeing his shadow is really no matter in California, where I am from. Even in December we have nice and warm, clear and sunny days. However, we do get some rain storms here and there in the "winter season" where we complain how "fra-fra-freeezing" it is when sixty-five degrees. *haha* It makes me laugh though when I see girls walking around in the rain wearing short-shorts and Ugg boots or a tiny fluffed parka with flip flops -"You know you live in L.A when...."

Now I live in Charleston and the winter has been kind to us this year. We had 80-degree weather on Christmas.
Anyway, February has lots of good things in store and lots of fun options in the kitchen to keep us occupied. I have many ideas and things I want to do. The challenge is finding the time to do them AND to post them here. :) Maybe saying it will give me some accountability.

Stay Cute with a Crunch!


Amy said...

Ivy - looks delicious! Now that I'm living closer to you I'm REALLY tempted to come knocking and see if you have any leftovers. Just be warned, when you put stuff like this up on your blog, I may be soon to follow!
Groundhog Day is a great film - did you guys watch it yesterday?

dining table said...

This is a nice cake! I find it simple to make. A hearty and nice cake! Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

this looks like a great mix. I love the picture of the Raisiette and craisens!

Suzanne said...

Yum! That sounds awesome! I always love to have a good mix around to munch on!

Lisa said...

That does make a pretty snack mix. And I couldn't agree more about the movie "Groundhog Day." I've watched it many times myself. It gave me a whole new appreciation for Bill Murray!

L.A. Fabulous Dining Deals said...

It is sooooo goood, I love it!