Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend and although Wikipedia says that the holiday traditionally is for celebrating love and affection between intimate couples, I say, it doesn't have to be. It's not all about the...
*cute, gooey, romantic couples*
*red roses*
*cheap chocolates*
*expensive chocolates*
*cheesy stuffed bears that end up being dust collectors in some closet*
*uncomfortable and crowded dinners out at a restaurant*
*hoochie red matalic dresses and red lipstick*
*feeling sorry for yourself with a tub of ice cream because your boyfriendless*
*boycotting Hallmark and they're stupid marketing ploy holidays*

I know it sounds like I am anti Valentine's day by pointing out in a sarcastic way some typical V-day traditions but, I, of all people am not.
I was actually married on Valentine's day seven years ago in Hawaii *talk about being cheesy*. Oh, and I also have admiration for the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine. Although, I am sure he has nothing on Jesus when it comes to loving people.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that February 14th can also be the perfect opportunity to tell your family, friends, special neighbor or co-worker how much you appreciate and love them in your life.

I, personally, love making people feel special and showing them how much I care with thoughtful notes or gifts from the heart. And when I found THIS CUTE PATTERN I had an idea to use these little envelopes as little gift holders. You can stuff them with little chocolates, earings, a note, or any little gift. The link for the pattern is above and will make the larger size envelope. I made a smaller one by halving the pattern. The crochet square should be completely symmetrical and I kept the heart the same size as it's tiny enough already from the original pattern. Have fun with colors and other little adornments you can personalize with like buttons or embroidery thread.

Another little gift idea that can be cute is covering an empty tea box with pretty patterned paper and filling it with a homemade treat like heart cookies or cupcakes. Here are some super cute cookies from My Own Sweet Thyme and cupcakes from Cupcake Project.

You can put together a really cute, thoughtful, and unique care package with:

-Yummy and relaxing teas in their pretty box or assorted individuals wrapped with ribbon
-Bath salts or natural bath bombs that I buy HERE
-Shiny foil wrapped chocolates
-Do-it-yourself face masks. You can get these at drug stores or Whole Foods
-Nail polish
-Cute hair clips
-Homemade chex mix like THIS ONE
And of course some kind of homemade or thoughtful card.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day if you don't end up returning to read more before the weekend is over.



Suzanne said...

LOVE the envelopes! If I could remember right now where I hid the crochet hooks from my toddler I'd try to make one! :)
Also..I lol'd at the St. Valentine/Jesus comment..it was BRILLIANT and so true!
Thanks for making me smile today!

Lisa said...

What a sweet Valentine's day gift! I admire your crochet projects as well as your holiday sentiments. Glad you liked my cookies. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary too!

Amigurumi Girl said...

hoochie red metallic dresses HAHAHAA thanks for the post. Cute cute envelopes and very sweet ideas. Happy Valentine's Day to you! (^_^)v

Stef said...

Adorable idea! Happy V-Day!!

Lucia said...

aha! the blue ones mine, everyone, the blue ones mine. im the lucky winner, and the blue ones mine!
thank you ivy, its special stuff.