I just want to take a moment and honor EVERY mother out there in the world including...
YOU, mothers that are alone-you are not aone, mothers in other countries who have NOTHING but, STILL give everything to their children, mothers who sacrifice, mothers who give unconditional love, mothers in pain, mothers whos children have forsaken them, and mother's who have have had to give their children up for adoption-may your hearts be healed, mother's who adopt, happy mothers, frusterated mothers-it will pass, hopeless mothers-you have so MUCH to hope for, stressed mothers-relax, mother's who have reached out to the needy and famished children of the world, mothers who have lost or been separated from their children, and mothers in Haiti-we cry out with you, past and present First Ladies, mothers in leadership posistions, young mothers, middle-aged mothers, grandmothers, and nurturing aunties who have taken the lost under their wings-you have hearts of gold.

If you are a mother, you are a breath of fresh air! and the salt of the Earth.
You are SOOO very important and what you do is not taken lightly.

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.
I love and cherish you!

Here are just a few mothers near and dear to me that I want to mention (in no particular order) with exception to the top four that have directly impacted my life and shaped who I am today.

Grammy LaVonne
Mrs. Peach
Mrs.Mary Carol
Aunt Marshie

April, Crystal, Dierdre, Angela, Lisa from M.O.S.T.,
Stef from C.P., Heather, Heather F., Amy S., Mimi, Tara, Erica, Erin, Dawn, Barbie, Lisa R., Rachel from D.F.M., Jasmine, Laurel P., Katie M., and Holly W.

I wish you a whimsical sun-shiny day full of happiness.

May God continue to annoint and bless you with strength, endurance, wisdom, patience, nurturing,  virtue, and love.

Have a great Sunday! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your sweet wishes! Your pictures are lovely.