A SIDE NOTE: The Cupcake Wins
I was wondering if cupcakes were on the down-trend and if any other new trendy sweets had a chance of becoming the new "cupcake".

So, I posted a little poll here on my blog, uh huh, it's to the right and down from the very words you are reading now.
I realize my little poll did not get a great representation of the world and what they think about sweets. I have to say though, that the people who took my poll, have great taste. YOU have great taste....


The very three*3* REALLY TRENDY sweets right now that are getting all the attention besides cupcakes are:
-Whoopi Pies
-French Macarons
-And Red Velvet

And I thought they would be the favorites in my poll. People are writting about them everywhere! Every kind of whoopi pie flavor is springing up on blogs, magazines, and in bakeries. French macaron cookies have certainly hit high popularity in the last five years and every gourmet flavor on the planet has been made in form of a macaron. And you can find red velvet anything anywhere, I have made red velvet stuff at least five times myself and am working on another project right now.

Yet, these three received none or the lowest votes of popularity in my poll.
What do you think about this?
I, personally do not get the whoppi pie thing yet.
I think macarons are really gorgeous, but eating them is not that satisfying.
And I love red velvet but, you can get tired of it after a while.

So, cupcakes still remain the favorite. They are the classic, simple, iconic fun dessert that kids and grown ups love. They can be enjoyed the classic way with rainbow sprinkles or dressed up in gourmet flavor combos giving them a wide range of appeal.

Actually, I just thought of this. They are like 80's music, it was good then, and it just gets better and better as time goes on. However, there were some really bad 80's songs. And I have had a couple bad cupcakes. But, so many 80's songs were REALLY, REALLY GOOD that you ABSOLUTELY LOVED and LOVE and are your favorite songs of ALL time! Like cupcakes. You've had some pretty darn good ones huh. :)

I love 80's music and I would also consider myself a big cupcake fan.I need to eat a cupcake while at an 80's party though.
Anyway, I am a cupcake fan. It's why I started this blog in the first place. My favorites are cupcakes that people have made or I have made myself. They are just better.
HOMEMADE is better!
They are made with love and creativity. And I think that is more exciting than buying a cupcake for five dollars. And you don't know who made it, what they put in it, or what they were wearing last week when they made it.
When something is homemade, you can just feel the comfort of fresh, home-baked goodness that is so satisfying. Plus when you make something at home you can control exactly what goes into your product and are so proud of what you have accomplished.

Plus, commercial bakeries pack their stuff full of sugar and crisco. Bleghk. Even most recipes call for a lot of sugar and I usually cut it in half or even more if I can. For frosting recipes, they usually call for two sticks of butter (1 cup) and four to five cups powder sugar. WOW! That's a lot. And that much sugar just isn't good for us.

I add about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup and it's sweet enough for me. No one ever complains that my cupcakes aren't sweet enough. And if you need that pretty piping quality for your frosting, a cup or two is plenty.

Anyway, I hope you have a delightful weekend full of homemade cupcakes!


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