Coupon Giveaway: for a FREE Bottle of Lea&Perrins Worcestershire sauce!
So, I got a little surprise in the mail today. Coupons for a free bottle of Lea&Perrins Worcestershire sauce. I know, exciting right!
Lea&Perrins and the Food Network are doing a "Shine at Dinnertime" Video Recipe Challenge. You can get more info and rule details by CLICKING THIS LINK. To enter you make a video making a mealtime recipe that features Lea&Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Sounds really fun huh!? The prizes sound really great though.You could win TEN-thousand dollars and five runners-up will win ONE-thousand dollars.

I found out about this contest through a "spread-the-word-through-food-bloggers" campaign that FoodBuzz and Lea&Perrins is doing. Food Buzz is actually also giving food bloggers a chance to win $500 for spreading the word about the Shine at Dinnertime video contest.

I actually do use Worcestershire sauce all the time to flavor my meats. And Sean practically drowns his steak in the stuff and would drink it straight if I let him.What a Crazy!
Thinking of a unique and yummy way to use Worcestershire sauce will be a fun challenge. And I thought you may want to join in too. So I am giving away TWO of my three coupons. I love sharing. :)

These are some of the ideas I can think of right now:
Lea&Perrins, Gruyere potatoes Gratin with dill
Lea&Perrins Stuffed Peppers with mushrooms
Lea&Perrins Pot roast with Potatoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, celery etc...
I am thinking of doing these is the form of a dinner cupcake?

TO WIN! a coupon for a free bottle of Lea&Perrins just do the following:
1. Make sure you are a follower or subscribe to to my blog posts
2. Leave a comment by October 31st answering ... How you would make a Worcestershire cupcake.
3. And/Or tell me from my list of ideas above what sounds most appealing.
4. Don't forget to leave an e-mail in case you win so I can send you the coupon.
Good Luck! :)


Suzanne said...

I'm a follower (of course!) :) Been that way, can't shake me!
Are you thinking like a sweet cupcake or like a savory one?
I've seen (and am VERY interested) in 'meatloaf' cupcakes-you just bake the meatloaf in a cuptin, then 'frost' with mashed potatoes. I almost always put Worcestershire sauce in my meatloaf, I just love the flavor.
As far as a sweet goes...what about reducing it down like you would balsamic for a syrup? Maybe a (I'm brainstorming as I type, forgive me)-rosemary scented cupcake would go well with the syrup? Something herby that would go well with the steaky flavor I think.
I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Ivy said...

Wow! I guess no one wants a coupon for free worcestershire sauce. LOL