Heart-Healthy HotCakes
Lemon and Olive Oil Pancakes

Isaak, my almost-three-year-old, loves making pancakes. We whip up a batch together several times a week, so they need to be healthy.

I thought I would share some things I do to make pancakes healthier without making them too heavy and boring.

-Mixing flours: Use half whole wheat flour and half buckwheat flour, for example or a buttermilk mix with a buckwheat mix from Arrowhead Mills.

-Organic Arrowhead Mills pancake mixes- Oatbran, Buckwheat, Buttermilk, Wholewheat. I go for these when I want quick pancakes. I also mix them up and do half and half.

-Using olive oil in the batter-which also gives them a lovely glowing golden brown color.
Also, coconut oil, while being healthy, is not on the Heart-Healthy list. They actually say to stay away from it if you have heart problems. Weird right? Sunflower oil can be another healthy alternative if you don't like the taste of olive oil.

-Quality organic and real vanilla for flavor.
-Lemon juice for flavor.
-Almond milk in the batter, or 2% milk.
-Sprinkling some raw oatmeal to the batter.
-Using all organic products: flours, eggs, milk, real maple syrup.
-Using a low fat yogurt and fruit as toppers. We like apricot, vanilla, or lemon yogurt
-Sprinkling lemon juice on pancakes, gives them a punch.
-Plum Oragnics or a low-sugar fruit puree instead of syrup.
-When Isaak was younger, I would put just a couple tablespoons of honey in the batter and then just give him the plain pancake for a snack.
- And lastly, using very little butter and syrup.

And just for fun... read, Hey, Pancakes! Isaak and I love this book, it's super cute.

Enjoy your pancakes in Life!

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