Heart-Healthy HotCakes
Lemon and Olive Oil Pancakes

Isaak, my almost-three-year-old, loves making pancakes. We whip up a batch together several times a week, so they need to be healthy.

I thought I would share some things I do to make pancakes healthier without making them too heavy and boring.

-Mixing flours:Using half whole wheat flour and half buckwheat flour, for example.

-Organic Arrowhead Mills pancake mixes- Oatbran, Buckwheat, Buttermilk, Wholewheat. I go for these when I want quick pancakes. I also mix them up and do half and half.

-Using olive oil in the batter-which also gives them a lovely glowing golden brown color.
I just found out that coconut oil, while being healthy, is not on the Heart-Healthy list. They actually say to stay away from it if you have heart problems.

-Quality vanilla for flavor.
-Lemon juice for flavor.
-Almond milk in the batter, or 2% milk.
-Sprinkling some raw oatmeal to the batter.
-Using all organic products: flours, eggs, milk, real maple syrup.
-Using a low fat yogurt and fruit as toppers. We like apricot, vanilla, or lemon yogurt
-Sprinkling lemon juice on pancakes, gives them a punch.
-Plum Oragnics or a low-sugar fruit puree instead of syrup.
-When Isaak was younger, I would put just a couple tablespoons of honey in the batter and then just give him the plain pancake for a snack.
- And lastly, using very little butter and syrup.

Share your flapjack tips as a comment or on my Facebook page. I would love to see what you do.

Just for fun... read, Hey, Pancakes! Isaak and I love this book, it's super cute.

Enjoy your pancakes in Life!

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