SuperHero Comic Cupcakes!

I made these cute little minis for a co-worker's birthday. He is all about the superheroes and goes to Comic-Con in San Diego like...Every year. :)

I am pretty sure, when you eat these you will turn into a superhero.

It did take quite a super-hero mommy-balancing act between baby and cupcake but, I got through it!

Tuesday night I baked the vanilla bean cupcakes.
Wednesday night I baked the chocolate soufle cupcakes.
Thursday night I made the vanilla and chocolate buttercream, made the little comic flags, and decorated them for FRIDAY birthday time.

I am STILL learning that time management is so key to a stress free life. I tend to forget that and try to do everything in one 4-hour time slot. LOL
You get so much more out of life when you plan. ;)


Suzanne said...

I'm 2 kids in and I still haven't figured out the time management thing! So well done, sweet friend! Hope all is well! Those little comic cuppies are adorable!

Amy said...

So cute! And perfect! I am amazed that you can not only find the time to bake while being full-time working mommy... but also time to BLOG about it! Wow.

Bethany Schlegel said...


I haven't been here in a while, but happened upon an old comment from you on Scoopalicious...and wanted to check in! Glad you are still keeping Little Ivy Cakes going even if it is less frequently now that you have a little person in your life -- did I read that correctly?


Bethany @ Scoopalicious