A Mish Mosh
 It's summer now and I have yet to go on a scooter ride with my hubby. I hope I get to soon. :)

My hubby is so good to me though! He pushes me on the swings at the park, brings me flowers, and lovely organic spotted eggs.

OH, I got my hair cut like Amelie a couple weeks ago for summer and somehow have no pics of how cute it was. Oh well, it's still kinda' cute but grows too fast.
 I am stalking the following blogs right now...You should check them out.
 Amelie's House
Vixen Vintage
Retro Ways
Spicy Ice Cream

So....uhhhmm.... how does this....
 brilliantly colored beet cake batter...
 swirled around in this cake pan...
 Turn into THIS when baked????!
 With my Beet Froyo in mind, I tried making a beet cake but, after it baked, it was not so PRITTY. The color did not keep at all. When I cut the cake open it was all grey inside. :(

Oh well, at least Buddy loves me.
Well, In July I am coming up on my 3rd Blogoversary and will be celebrating with some fun things including a give-away. So.....check back in a few days for my post on that

Until Then....Have Fun this weekend!


LaundryBasketCase said...

What a shame about the beetroot batter, it was such a pretty colour. I bet it still tasted good. :)
Aaah, I thought I was going to see a pic of YOUR Ameli hair - such a great style!

Pinky said...

ah, too bad the colour changed, that batter was beautiful! I had my hair cut like Amelie's a few times, it's such a fun style. Right now mine is similar, but no bangs. I get a little tired of people thinking I'm still a kid.

v. sophia said...

I love the dog! Where did you get that little vixen?

Bethany said...

omg, when i saw your video, i was like "who does she remind me of?!" and that was it -- AMELIE! LOVE the haircut. Not everyone can pull that off!