The Winners!
So, I just got back from crazy vacation land! And I now have a ton of things to catch up on and to do like... tell you who the winners are. :)

OK! So, I wrote each name on little pieces of paper and drew them randomly. The first name I drew was first prize winner etc.. etc...
It was very anti-climactic, BUT, I am very excited to send my prizes off to the winners.
I thank you ALL for humoring me for my 3rd blogoversary giveaway. Your questions were really good, a little too good. Anyway....
THE WINNERS ARE! *dut da daaaaaaaa.....*

FIRST Prize goes to.... ANGELAAAAAA!


Dear Angela
Your Question: "Why are you so darn cute?"
*Angela, I think you are a star in my life and I am very grateful to have you. To answer your question, I would have to say... It is what it is. I'm cute. There are no ifs, ands,or buts about it. HAHAHA! Why are YOU so cute?

Dear Gillian 
Your Question: "How on earth do you bake all those yummy cupcakes and yet stay so slim and trim?"
*Gillian, I can't wait until I can have you on as a guest blogger to share the amazing healthy tricks you have? And to answer your question, I honestly never eat anything I make. LOL.

Dearest Stevie Gayle asked "Is there such a thing as a healthy red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting?"
*Thanks for stopping by Stevie Gayle! I would say YES to your question! But, it depends on what your idea of healthy is. I have a couple ideas in mind and will work on posting some recipes and thoughts on the this serious matter. Thanks for the great question. E-mail me with your mailing address so I can put a parcel in the mail for you! Yay!

Deary Suzanne asked "What is your all time favorite cupcake flavor?"
*What a lovely blog friend you have been. I love how everything you make feels so cozy and homey. Your question is really hard though! Dang! There are so many flavors I haven't tried and my tastes tend to change. I actually don't think I have had any that I would call my favorite. Weird? Hummm. Maybe the one I made called Amy's Strawberry Jam Cupcake, I liked the coco strawberry cream cheese frosting a lot. And I liked Stef's pickle cupcake with chocolate ice cream, that was actually really good. I have a ton that I want to try though like a lime margarita cupcake or a Guinness black bottom cupcake. Maybe I need to go out and do more cupcake tasting. E-mail me with your info so I can get your little package in the mail. :)

And here are some notes to those who didn't win. I couldn't just not answer your questions.

Dear Viola Sophia
*Crepes Suzette, Authentic French Style? First of all, I know who you are missy and I think you know how. I will look into this and post something to address the very authentic interest you have. Crepes are not my easy. I think you should be my guest here and show us. :)

Dear Bethany
*Thank you for being such a delightful blog friend I admire all that you do. Your question is so deep. WOW! No pressure. Um, I am actually afraid that I learned nothing over these three years and that would be so sad. But, no, I actually learned a lot of things from all the different and new recipes and ideas I have tried. The most valuable one and the one I still must keep reminding myself of is to give myself enough time. No project has ever been "Quick" and easy like I thought it would be in my head and it SOMETIMES leads to projects getting to be too big, too much, and with a stressful time crunch. I want to learn how to give myself more time to relax and really take my time cooking and baking.

Dear "Miss"
*I think black forest cupcakes are a brilliant idea and CAN be done. I will work on getting a recipe.

Dear "Elmirably" aka My mother.
*I have no obligation to answer your silly questions. Hahaha. Cookbook in my future? Maybe. We'll see. A no hot dog fourth of July meal. Yes! this can be done.

Dearest Jasmine
*You are so cute and have such a fun personality. I can't wait for you to do a guest vlog for me. :)
Pinnapples are available all year round but their peak season is March through June. My favorite variety is "Sugarloaf" but it may only be available in Hawaii? They are sooo yummy and less acidic. If you are able to go to the farmers market- I find it's a great way to know what's in season locally.

Dear Cptn. O-Man
*I will have to do some serious test-kitchen stuff and research to find a really good bouillabaisse. What a challenge, wanna help? :)

Dear Stef
*You know how much I love you because I practically stalk your blog and leave comments all the time. So thank you for coming over and visiting me when you have time. I think my favorite cupcake recipes are the simple yet elegant and gourmet ones. Or the really fun and different ones. I always like trying new things so I don't think I would ever have one all time favorite recipe. I make the chocolate soufle cupcake the most but, it's just because a lot of people like it so much.

Dear Amy Mac
I hope you are having fun traveling around this summer! I miss you! Buddy is as sweet as ever and I am sure would go Craaaaazzzy wild if you came to visit. I don't think I could pick just one place BUT,  If I could travel anywhere it would be France. And maybe it's how the movie Amelie paints such a beautiful rustic picture. I would go for the open fresh food markets in the streets and their more down to earth food. I am not so much interested in the stuffy snooty fancy restaurants of France. I want to eat in family homes, that sounds wonderful and rich to me.

Dearest Dawn
"How do you use that frosting squeezer thing?"
*Dawn, if I had a prize for an "honarable mention" you would win with flying colors! and of course you would win the....umm... CUPCAKE SPATULA. Your question is phrased so well and made me laugh so hard. I think a video demonstration would be most appropriate in the situation. Don't you? I'll keep you posted. ;)

So I guess that's all for now. Thanks to all of you again!


Suzanne said...

Aw! Yay! (I'll email you soon!) I was so happy to read your responses to all our questions! Here's to 3 more GREAT years! :)

Stef said...

How sweet of you to take the time to answer everyone's questions. I'm going to have to check out the chocolate soufle cupcakes!

Amy said...

Good choice! If nothing comes up for me between now and finishing grad school, it's my tentative plan to move to France for a few years. Wouldn't it be so great to hang out together there? I need to start learning French!

Bethany said...

Ivy, I love you! Even better than winning is the sweet reply you wrote to everyone!

We are celebrating our 300th post over at scoopalicious. Please be sure to visit and enter OUR contest. Also, I think tomorrow we'll be posting about a SUPER cool giveaway!

You truly are the best!