PEACHY Margarita

Relaxing to Carmen McRae's "Ain't Misbehavin'" via Pandora

Here's my recipe for a quick weekend refresher-Now remember you can sub whatever you happen to have on hand some of the ingredients are optional here, and it's open for your creativity. GO WILD!

x 1-2 shots Jose Cuervo's tequila blanco, or use whatever kind YOU like best
x Jose Cuervo 's Classic Margarita Mix, or again you fav margarita mix-just added for a little extra flavor but not necessary.
x Frozen raspberries or fresh
x Peach lemonade or mix half lemonade and peach juice (Welch's has a peach-grape that's really good)
(Got this lemonade on sale for 2.99 at Whole Foods. They make all kinds of other yummy flavors too.)

x Ice cubes
x Margarita rim salt
x Lemon rim sugar
x Dry tea leaves from a peach tea bag
 -On a small plate mix salt, sugar, and tea leaves.
-Wet the rim of your glasses with a lime and dip the rim of your glasses in the sugar/salt/tea leave mix
 -Pour tequila in glass and a few rasperries, smush and swirl around
-Then toss in 4-5 ice cubes
-Pour peach lemonade filling the glass to 3/4 (3 parts)
-Then pour Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix to the top (1 part)
-Mix with a straw and...Viola. Enjoy with the ones you love *HEART*


Powercakes said...

what a genius idea!

Chele said...

You are a woman after my own heart ;0)

Erin Buseck said...

peachy fiesta! looks yum!

Anonymous said...

Nice cocktails!

Pam @ Cookingworld said...

Peach Margarita! Perfect for chilling out in summer! Pics are delish!

Lisa said...

Peachy flavors are the best part of summer. The tea leaves are a nice touch!

Jane said...

Tonite is the nite, it's almost hard to wait to try it! mmmmmmm......