Sorbetto SCOOP!:
 White Peach
Mine hasn't really felt like a summer because the hot weather is just finally kicking in for us here in California and who knows if will stay. I am trying to fake it with summary ingredients in the kitchen. A few weeks ago, I was completely inspired by this one article I read on David Lebovit's blog about "Tasting Rome". He toured a gelateria behind the scenes while they made a white peach sorbet. YUM! I guess they just pureed the local peaches with sugar and then simply tossed it in the "ice cream maker". David's picture of the sorbet is amazing, it almost looks like peach mayonnaise or something *hey there's a good idea?*.
Anyway, I tried to reproduce the peachy dream as best I could. It turned out very delicious and refreshing but, most likely not as good as what was made in ITALY! Haha.  See, mine looks more icey and theirs was very creamy, like butter. You should check out the picture, it's in the middle of the post somewhere. How did they do it?
Here's the recipe if you want to give it try:
 Peach Sorbetto:
3 White Peaches (from the Hollywood Farmer's market)
1/4 cup organic cane sugar
2 tbs lime juice
2 tbs light corn syrup (to prevent from hardening too much in freezer?)
2 tbs heavy cream

-Cut peaches in slices with skins
 -Puree half the peach slices with lime juice and pour into a mixing bowl. set aside.
 -Puree the rest of the peach slices with the heavy cream and pour into the mixing bowl with the other pureed peaches. whisk together.
-Pour into your ice cream maker for 30 minutes.
 -Eat right away or store in fridge for an hour or so. The sorbetto will harden overnight but not too bad.
The END! Have a *SUN-KISSED* peachy day!
Listening to music while I write again: Morcheeba "The Sea"


Powercakes said...

yummy yummmy,...yummmmyyyy... need that right now.

Suzanne said...

Yum!!! I have some white peaches and have wanted to make ice cream, but not really...this is a good change!! I'm sticking my freezer in the freezer today! :)

Amy said...

Mmmm... I've realized I like white peaches better than yellow. And they have such good ones at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. This looks so yummy!

Jane said...

Those peaches made my mouth water--OMG! The farmers market has THE most delish peaches. I love them all!!!
This summer has been a bit un-summery, but, soft fruit always reminds me of summer time bliss.