Strawberry Cream Cake
To celebrate Isaak's milestone of being able to blow bubbles, he told me he wanted a homemade strawberry cake. So, we made this cake together and I thought I would share the step by step with you. Isaak choose strawberries, like I said, but you can make it with any fruit or flavor you want which is the fun part about it. I have done coconut too.
Make a two layer cake any flavor you want. I did strawberry from a box to make it easy this time. Let the two layers freeze, with a large bread knife and taking precaution, saw off all cake crusty edges and make layers even and the same size. Slice horizontally so you have four thin cake layers. Place back in freezer with parchment paper in between each layer.
Whip 1-2 cups whipping cream and add 1/2 cup powdered sugar and a tablespoon vanilla to taste. Set aside in fridge until ready to use.

Get out your cake plate and place a piece of parchment down, then your first cake layer, bottom side down. Brush with rum if you so desire. I found a strawberry rum. Yummy.
Then, spread a layer of your whipped cream and fruit.
Place another cake layer on top and fill in edges with whipped cream to make even corners and such. Brush your new layer with rum, spread whipped cream layer and fruit again.
Repeat above steps until you get to the fourth cake layer, place the layer bottom side up this time so you have a nice even top to your cake.
Frost entire cake with whipped cream. Starting with a large dollop of frosting on top and spreading out and down the sides. This is easier then having to add more frosting later.
Smooth sides and edges with frosting spatula. If you need to, sometimes dipping the spatula in hot, hot water and wiping it with a paper towel with help give you smooth frosting edges.
My final decorated cake picture did not have the greatest lighting. So, decorate as you wish. I topped mine with more pretty strawberries and placed chocolate covered strawberries at the bottom edges.

Everyone will love this cake because it is very light and airy. The cake brush with rum gives it a nice flavor and the whipped cream frosting is not super sweet like some of the those store bought butter cream cakes.
Until next time...keep having fun in the kitchen. ;)

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